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DisguiseCraft is a fun visual plugin that allows certain donators to disguise into certain mobs. When you are disguised as a mob you cannot pick up items, but you can break blocks, place blocks, and hurt real mobs. When you are disguised, a message in the chat will say "You have been disguised as [mob]." There will be no client side effects on your character, and only other players will see this change.

Please remember to NOT use disguises in PVP otherwise you face temporary or permanent ban. (If this rule is broken too much PVP will be completely disabled.)


Note: Each higher rank inherits all the features of the rank below it!


  • Not targeted by mobs
  • Can disguise as:
- Pig
- Saddled Pig


  • Can disguise as sheep of any color
  • Can disguise as:
- Cow
- Sheep
- Chicken


  • Can disguise as any type of cat
  • Can disguise as:
- Creeper
- Zombie
- Skeleton
- Spider
- Ocelot


  • Can have burning disguises! (Disguise as a mob on fire!)
  • Can choose to disguise as a tamed or aggressive wolf
  • Can disguise as:
- Enderman
- Wolf
- Snow Golem
- Silverfish
- Blaze
- Mooshroom
- Cave Spider
- Magma Cube
- Slime
- Squid
- Zombie Pigman


  • Can choose what blocks the enderman disguise is holding
  • Can disguise as a villager of any occupation (librarian/priest/blacksmith/butcher)
  • Can disguise as:
- Ghast
- Giant (100 blocks tall...)
- Villager
- Spider Jockey
- Charged Creeper
- Any Minecraft Player!


/d [mob name] - Turns you into a specific mob.

/u - Undisguises you. (done when disguised)

/d [subtype] [mob name] - Turns you into a specific mob plus gives you a special effect (burning, charged, green wool etc.)

/d baby - Turns you into a baby form of that specific mob. (NOTE: This works only for pigs, cows, sheep, and wolves!)

/d burning - Causes the mob you are disguised as to burst into flames! (NOTE: Ultimate and Swag donators ONLY)


/d creeper
/d burning creeper
/d baby cow
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