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Towny is a plugin that allows users to create Towns. It does not require donation status to use; all that is required is the server currency, Stompz. This is our personal Stompzcraft Guide. It is easier to understand than the master list. But if you would like to see a full list of commands, it is available here!


Starting A Town

Mayors start towns using the command /town new {townname}. The townblock they are standing in will be the home block for the town, the exact spot/position will be the spawn point for the town.

More townblocks can be claimed using /town claim. These townblocks need to be directly adjacent to already claimed townblocks.

To start the town you need to have at least 5000 stompz and an appropriate location at least 16 townblocks (256 blocks) from another town.

Town Growth

There are two ways to join towns, the first is by being invited by a Mayor or a Town assistant. The second is by joining an open town.

Mayors and assistants can add players to their town with the command /town add {playername}. The resident then has the option to either /accept or /deny the invitation.

Mayors can set their towns to open using /town toggle open. A player who isn't in a town already can use the command /town join {townname} to join open towns.

When residents join towns they increase the number of townblocks accessible to the mayor for claiming.

Amount of People Claimable Chunks Cost
1 8 350
2 16 350
3 24 350

As you grow, your town will earn Classifications

Amount of People Classification
1 Settlement
2-3 Hamlet
4-7 Village
8-10 Large Village
11-14 Town
15-18 Large Town
19-23 City
24-28 Big City
29+ Metropolis

Costs of Running a Town

Each claim you make adds 2 Stompz per day to your daily town upkeep. For example, if your town owns 50 townblocks, your daily upkeep will be 100 Stompz.

You can help manage the cost of this with your daily taxes.

Daily residential tax is for being a part of the town. You can set this with /t set taxes [amount].

If you would rather have a percent tax rate (which is risky and could potentially hurt your residents long term), then type /t toggle taxpercent.

There is also the option for a daily plot tax, which charges residents per day, for each plot they own. You can set this with /t set plottax [amount].

NOTE: Mayors and Assistants do not pay taxes.

Setting up Plots

Once you have started your town you need to start claiming land for your residents to build, and for town related needs. These cost 350 Stompz per claim and are 16x16x256 in size. They are predefined chunks and using /res toggle plotborder, you can see the borders of each of these chunks.

After you have claimed your land you can set up plots for people. Plots can be claimed by residents, and you can set prices on them. The plots can also be set as Shops, Embassies (see Nations) or Wilds. In addition, consider setting up plot permissions and taxes.

Mayors or Assistants will then stand on the plot and type /plot fs [price]. This places an individual plot up for sale.

A resident can then follow through with /plot claim. Once they type this they own the plot given they have enough money.


Permissions are set "rules" which allow or deny certain things from occurring inside your Town. There are two kinds of permissions, Toggle Perms and Set Perms.

Toggle Perms

You can toggle the following: Fire Spread, Mobs Spawning, and Explosions. The format is:

/t [toggle] [fire/mobs/explosion] [on/off]

Additional toggle permissions are [open/taxpercent/public], though these are less practical for normal users.

Set Perms

These are more specific permissions, which can enable or disable actions for entire groups of people. These deal with Residents, Allies, and Outsiders (people not in your town or nation). With these groups, you can allow or deny rights to Build, Destroy, Switch (e.g.: use levers, doors, and buttons) and use Items. To set up these permissions, the command format is:

/t set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/item] [yes/no]

For example, if you don't want Outsiders to have any permissions: /t set perm outsider off

Plot Permissions

With plots you can have your own set of permissions. They are exactly the same as Set Perms and Toggle Perms. Use /plot set perm and /plot toggle in conjunction with the aforementioned parameters.

In addition, a plot can be changed to a different type (shop/embassy/wilds) with /plot set [type].

Shop: A plot that is used for making chestshops and selling items to other players. This can have an additional tax to the residential plots. /t set shoptax [amount].

Embassy: A plot that a member of another town can purchase and build on. This may also have an additional tax set. /t set embassytax [amount].


Outposts are extensions available for your Town. It follows the same rules of making a new town, 16 Chunks away from any other Town/Outpost but it also cost 7500 Stompz. After the initial claim you may claim more chunks to make your Outpost bigger.

Once you have your money and land ready, stand on it and type /t claim outpost.


Nations are what connect individual Towns into Countries. These are quite expensive to maintain, and should not be started unless you are wealthy and/or have a steady income of taxes from your town. Nations cost 1000 Stompz daily to uphold and 50000 Stompz to create. You can set national taxes to help pay off the daily tax, and you can also appoint Nation Capitals.

Once you have your money saved up, decide your nations name and /n new [name].

Invite other towns to your nation with /n add [town].

Set your daily nation tax with /n set taxes [amount].


All players on the server are registered as Residents within Towny. Towny residents have access to their own Friends List, which enables sharing building privileges between friends on owned plots. All residents have a resident page, which keeps track of money, town membership, and the friends list. See the "/res" family of commands for more information.


Assistants are residents who are promoted by a town owner. Assistants can add and remove town members, build on any plot, claim plots, and set town and plot permissions.

A mayor can assign a resident to assistant with /t rank add [playername] assistant.


Some essential commands that you will need and use are the following...

Town Commands

  • (/town or /t may be used)
  • /t ---Shows a player their town's town screen.
  • /t [townname] ---Shows a player another town's town screen.
  • /t ? ---Shows /town commands available.
  • /t new [Town Name] ---- Creates your town, and sets the current chunk as its Home block.
  • /t join [townname] --- Joins a town that does not require invites.
  • /t spawn ---- Teleports you to your town spawn.
  • /t outpost ---- Teleports you to your Outpost spawn.
  • /t outpost # ---- Warps you to the outpost home of the number you typed in.
  • /t leave --- Leave your town.
  • /t deposit/withdraw --- Deposit/withdraw money from your town bank. (All residents can deposit, only Mayors can Withdraw).

Resident / Player Commands

  • /res --- Shows a player their resident screen.
  • /res ? --- Shows /res commands available.
  • /res [player name] ---- See when a person was last on, when they first started playing, which town they are in, how much money they have, and who they have on their "Friends List"
  • /res friend add [name] ---- Add an online player to your friends list
  • /res friend add+ [name] ---- Adds an offline player to your friends list (name must be an exact match)
  • /res friend remove [name] ---- Removes an online player from your friends list
  • /res friend remove+ [name] ---- Removes an offline player from your friends list (name must be an exact match)
  • /res friend clearlist ---- Clears all friends from list
  • /res tax ---- Displays the amount of plots that you own and the total taxes that you pay for them
  • /res list ---- Lists who is online
  • /res set perm [level] [type] [on/off] ---- Gives access to all your Towny plots for different groups of residents. Choices are [Level]: friend/ally/outsider. [type]: build/destroy/switch/itemuse.
  • /res set perm ? ---- Lists possible attributes related to the command above

Mayor/Assistant Commands

  • /t set homeblock ---- Sets your Home block, which must be within the town.
  • /t set spawn ---- Sets your town's spawn, which must be within the Home block.
  • /t set name [Town Name] ---- Changes your town name.
  • /t add [name] ---- Adds a person.
  • /t kick [name] ---- Kick a person from your town.
  • /t delete ---- Deletes your town.
  • /t claim ---- Claims a new chunks for your town.
  • /t rank add [Name] assistant --- Adds a town assistant.
  • /t set board [message] ---- Sets a message your residents see upon logging in.
  • /t set taxes [amount] ---- Sets a daily tax for your residents.
  • /t set plottax [amount] ---- Sets a daily tax per plot.
  • /t set shoptax [amount] --- Sets a daily tax per shop.
  • /t set embassytax [amount] --- Sets a daily tax per embassy.
  • /t set perm [variable] [on/off] ---Variable groups available: [resident/ally/outsider], [build/destroy/switch/itemuse]. These can be used together, for example: /t set perm resident build on.
  • /t toggle [variable] ---Variable available are: explosion, fire, mobs, public (allows players to /t spawn [yourtown], taxpercent, open (allows players to join town without invite).
  • /t claim outpost ---- Claims a outpost for your Town.

Plot Commands

  • /plot ? --- Shows the /plot commands available.
  • /plot claim ---- Claims the plot that you are standing upon. (must be for sale in the town!)
  • /plot unclaim --- Unclaims a personally owned plot.
  • /plot fs [$] ---- Puts a plot up for sale
  • /plot nfs ---- Takes down a plot for sale
  • /plot set [shop/embassy/arena/wilds/spleef] ---- Designates a plot as a shop, embassy, arena, wild area, or a spleef.
  • /plot set reset ---- Resets the plot's status (as above)
  • /plot set perm [variable] [on/off] --- Sets a variable for an individual plot. See the /t set perm above.
  • /plot set perm reset --- Resets the plot in which you are standing, to the original /town or /res settings.
  • /plot toggle [variable] --- Toggles the variable: Choices being fire, explosion, mob.

Nation Commands

  • /n --- Shows a player their nation screen.
  • /n ? --- Shows all /nation commands available.
  • /n list --- Lists all nations.
  • /n online --- Lists all players online within your nation.
  • /n [Nation Name] --- Shows the nation screen of the specific nation.
  • /n new [Nation Name] ---- Creates a new nation.
  • /n set king [Name] ---- Sets the King of the nation.
  • /n set name [Name] ---- Sets your nation's name.
  • /n add [Town Name] ---- Adds a town to your nation (NOTE: Only mayor of towns can accept)
  • /n rank [add/remove] [Name] assistant ---- Adds or removes an assistant to your nation.
  • /n deposit/withdraw --- Deposit/withdraw money from your national bank. (All residents can deposit, only Kings can withdraw.)
  • /n leave ---- Leaves the nation (NOTE: Only mayor can leave nation)
  • /n kick ---- Kick a town from your nation
  • /n [enemy/ally] [add/remove] [Nation Name]---- Makes another nation enemy or ally of your nation (This has no impact on game, just for poops and giggles).

Advanced Commands

  • /t claim auto ---- Claims all the chunks that your town can claim in a large area (Make sure you have plenty of money in the bank).
  • /t set plotprice [amount] ---- Sets the default price of plots.
  • /t set shopprice [amount] --- Sets the default price of shop plots.
  • /t set embassyprice [amount] --- Sets the default price of embassy plots.
  • /t set mayor [Name] ---- Assigns the mayor title to another resident (you cannot have two mayors at the same time).
  • /t set perm reset ---Takes the perm line shown in the /town screen and applies it to all plots owned by the town.
  • /plot clear ---- Clears the plot of locked signs (Due to compatibility issues, LWC locks remain in place. When a new block is placed where the sign was, it will be locked.)
  • /res toggle townclaim ---- Turns on plot claiming as you move across plots.
  • /res toggle map --- Turns on map which refreshes as you move across plot borders.
  • /res toggle plotborder ---Turns on smokey plot-border view. Border is shown when you cross into another townblock.
  • /res toggle reset --- Turns off all /res toggle modes that are active.
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